Passive Solar Pump & Pasteuriser

Our ground-breaking and patented technology for low-cost solar water pumping and pasteurisation is based solely on passive thermal principles, operating without electricity, solar panels or moving parts of any kind. Some embodiments of the PSPP find application in irrigation, pasteurisation, energy production and storage, heating, cooling and other pressure related technologies.

Other solutions


The Micro-AD System

Our flagship solution, the BioNomad, is a simple but effective solution for anaerobically digesting livestock wastes directly on your own farm.

Designed to work for even the smallest farm or dairy, its modular design means it can easily be scaled to meet your evolving needs.

Feed in manure/slurry and generate a regular source of renewable biogas. Then, use this to power one of our bespoke biogas appliances to generate electricity or heat. And benefit from more readily available nutrients in the digestate to fertilise your soils.