This award-winning, easy to use, 'turn-key' biogas and nutrient recovery system is suitable for even the smallest of operations. It is based on our proprietary technology which has been tested in an urban farm in London over last 4 years.

A full-scale trial has started in 2019 at Rothamsted Research, one of the oldest and most prestigious agricultural institutions in the World. The product is offered to early adopters as of 2020.
PSPP stands for Passive Solar Pumping and Pasteurisation.

Our ground-breaking and patented technology for low-cost solar water pumping and pasteurisation is based solely on passive thermal principles, operating without electricity, solar panels or moving parts of any kind. Some embodiments of the PSPP find application in irrigation, pasteurisation, energy production and storage, heating, cooling and other pressure related technologies.

Currently it undergoes tests at University College London (UCL) and Yucatan Centre for Scientific Research (CICY).