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"If all the cattle in the world joined together to start their own country, they would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases"
Agricultural technology has made great strides in converting farm waste into renewable fuel and natural fertiliser, but in Europe, this is only widely available to large-scale farming operations.
We believe that efficient waste management solutions should be widely available and has set ourselves on a mission to help small farms to improve resource management sustainability and agricultural waste recycling while enabling their autonomy and self-sufficiency.
At present, the EU produces about 1.4 billion tonnes of manure per year from livestock farming operations, while this sector accounts for 10% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions globally.
Ilan Adler
Founder, CEO
Technology development
PhD in Environmental Engineering, Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow and Principal Teaching Fellow at University College London. As an eco-technology expert, Ilan has worked in solar and anaerobic digestion technology worldwide for over 10 years. He has co-developed a number of products and founded 3 organisations in adjacent sectors.
Alexander Demenko
Co-Founder, COO
Business development
MBA alumnus from London Business School. Alex has more than 15 years of diverse business experience in international environments of various sizes. He worked in multiple industries, including supply chain and logistics (DHL), financial services (AXA), management consulting (KPMG), and specialized in strategy, business development and operations.
Marcelo Elaiuy
Engineering Design
Biogas modelling
PhD in Anaerobic Digestion funded by Industrial Cooperative Awards in Science & Technology. In 2015 Marcelo joined the Centre for Resource Efficiency & Environment at UCL, where he worked on a Global Challenges Research Fund project aimed at designing, building, and commissioning a small-scale anaerobic digester in Colombia.
James Taylor
Experienced farmer, AD operator
Farming expert and trainer at Surrey Docks Farm for over 20 years. James is responsible for operation and management of proof of concept biogas systems onsite. He has a degree from Askham Bryan College and later worked in various horticultural projects in Germany, including the Berlin Botanical Gardens. James is closely involved in product design and monitoring strategy.
Peter McKay
Industrial designer & inventor
An industrial designer and inventor, with more than 30 years of experience designing eco-technologies for the developing world. Peter held an original patent for the earlier version of our thermal-solar pump, that was later transferred to the company. He actively supports all ongoing technology development in EcoNomad Solutions.
UCL academic, env. engineering
Associate Professor at University College London, with over three decades of experience in wastewater and water treatment innovations, filtration and anaerobic digestion. Mentor and former PhD supervisor of Ilan Adler, Luiza provides invaluable link with academia for R&D purposes and supports numerous grant applications.
Luiza Campos