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Started a year long Enterprise Fellowship programme in RAoE
Proof of concept: 3 years R&D (Urban Farm/UCL)
May 2018
Introduced on the Industrial Startegy showcases map by the Dept for BEIS
March 2019
First patent is granted and another patent is filed
February 2019

June 2021
Horizon 2020 SME Associate grant for R&D support
October 2020
Commenced pilot in Rothamsted Research
May 2020
Innovate UK grant for PSPP development and field trials in Africa

SHAKE Climate Change incubator programme winner
December 2019
LBS Launchpad programme finalist
May 2019
AgRIA ERDF grant for a full-scale prototype and testing
April 2019
Planned first sales of Bionomad
September 2020
Early adopters across various locations in the UK
April 2020
October 2019
REAP Agri-TechE startup show case 2019