Our journey

Our journey


July 2023

BioNomad v1.0 design available and in testing

First equity fund raise completed

May 2023

Awarded BBSRC Grant

December 2022

Awarded EFF (Energy Entrepreneurs Fund) grant to support commercialisation of BioNomad platform

November 2022

First BioNomad CAGE Genset sold

October 2022

Became alumni of European
Institute of Technology & Innovation Food Accelerator Network

July 2022

BioNomad highly commended by ADBA and World Biogas Association at Biogas Industry Awards 2022

March 2022

Foodtech500 Finalist

February – May 2022

2nd and 3rd BioNomad units sold



November 2021

First BioNomad system sold

July 2021

BioNomad field trials are ongoing with 4 units installed

October 2020

Received European Commission Horizon 2020 SME associate grant

July 2020

Funded by SHAKE Climate Change programme as one of the first cohort finalists



October 2019

REAP Agri-TechE startup show case

April 2019

AgRIA ERDF grant for a full-scale prototype and testing

March 2019

Introduced on the Industrial Strategy showcases map by the Dept for BEIS

May 2018

Started a year long Enterprise Fellowship programme in RAoE


Proof of concept: 3 years R&D (Urban Farm/UCL)

2018 and before