BioNomad™ is an innovative, modular and scalable waste-to-energy platform that can be easily installed in small livestock farms, micro-dairies, petting zoos, animal sanctuaries or anywhere where manure or slurry is regularly collected. The solution produces a renewable fuel (biogas) for generating onsite heat and energy, as well as a high-grade organic fertiliser that can help to grow food and preserve soil health.
Off-grid and on-site
Biogas produced onsite replaces fossil fuels, providing off-grid energy and a sense of autonomy. High-grade organic fertiliser reduces the need for nitrogen simulants.

A typical small holder livestock farm of c.50 cows or equivalent could potentially save around £1k on energy and £3k on fertilizers annually.
Low upfront costs and quick payback
BioNomad is much more affordable than other waste to energy solutions that are available to small farms in the UK and Europe today.

Estimated payback period in form of energy and fertilizer savings is between 3 to 5 years.
Easy to install, reliable, scalable
The system can be easily installed in 1-2 days, depending on the size. Ground preparation is minimal, as the unit does not require any excavation.

Our modular design allows users to start with smaller units and expand gradually whenever required.