About us

About us

Striving to make a difference

“If all the cattle in the world joined together to start their own country, they would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases”

– UNFCC, European Commission, UNFAO

The team

Our small but growing team brings a wealth of experience in fields of science, engineering and business to the table. We are passionate about our mission, about the environment, and about good living and good business.

Dr. Ilan Adler

CEO, Founder
Technology development

PhD in Environmental Engineering, an Associate Professor at University College London and an Enterprise Fellow at the Royal Academy of Engineering. As an eco-technology expert, Ilan has worked with anaerobic digestion technology and renewable energy, as well as wastewater management, for over 15 years. He has co-developed a number of products and has also founded a number of enterprises in adjacent sectors.

Diego Vega

Biogas Engineer
Diego oversees the design, installation and management of technical systems at Economad Solutions. This includes a key role in our R&D work developing, analyzing, and overseeing the new anaerobic digester systems. He has a BSc in Architecture with a strong engineering focus, and worked previously as a consultant and process manager for Arup, specializing in LEED, AQUA HQE, and Living Building certification. He also brings a high level of technical expertise from roles as a Building Physics Analyst, Facade Designer, and Parametric Designer, as well as a Buildings System Manager and Commissioning Agent for HVAC systems.

Alejandra Mones


Sales Manager

Alejandra oversees EcoNomad’s communications and social media, ensuring we are up to date. Her expertise lies in commercializing early-stage technologies from lab to market. Before joining us, she was part of LifeArc’s Technology Transfer Fellowship, and was working at UCL’s Technology Transfer office (UCLB), specialising in medical technologies. She holds an MRes in Bioengineering from Imperial College London, where she was also involved with an Imperial spinout, Zyme Dx.

Alejandra has also worked in the financial industry during her time at Barclays Investment Bank in the sales and trading department.

Neil Stratton

Head Technician,


Neil is a skilled technician with a diverse background in engineering and hands-on skills. Specializing in creating exhibition props through expert carpentry, he has a proven track record in designing and developing printed circuit boards, and soldering components. With a robust understanding of electrical systems, pipe fittings, and plumbing, Neil brings a logical and practical approach to problem-solving. His extensive skill set enables him to deliver innovative solutions across multiple technical disciplines.

Niranjan Saravanamoorty


Business Administrator

Niranjan is completing a 2-year MSc Engineering Business Management at Exeter University and has joined EcoNomad for his industrial placement year, bringing with him his passion for engineering and has become a key support for the technical team.